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This site is a working prototype of a reboot of the site ssitrailers.com. It is not yet feature complete.

Features & Benefits

  • other than a better UX in this demo, content wise it is the same as the existing site
  • the point behind making user accounts is to save user data and to speed up the checkout-flow for repeat customers
  • Customers may create an account on the site to store their contact information and order history. if a returning customer logs into their account, contact information for their RFQ will be automatically filled in, which improves the user experience and may increase sales
  • Site Administrators may add and modify trailers in the catalog via a web browser instead of using what amounts to a word processor and updating static documents. if you are unable or unwilling to make changes on your own, Zoid Technologies will provide that service for a reasonable fee.
  • Customers select the trailer or upgrades they would like a quote for and submit the list to the office for processing. The office gets an email with a pdf attachment suitable for archiving or printing that lists the items in the quote and customer contact information
  • with the RFQ system, it will not be necessary to store or handle sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers requiring PCI compliance. the RFQ is sent via email where you will handle web sales just like any other revenue source
  • the colors and other theme elements of this site are easily changeable.
  • this site is free of malware and "black hat seo" tricks like keyword stuffing, redirecting search engine traffic, and bogus page titles. the javascript and html of this demo are not encrypted or obfuscated. a security audit of this code from a trusted 3rd party is encouraged
  • use of a full page transition jquery plugin (smoothState) enhances the UX of the demo

Future Possibilities

  • system which tracks the quote through to delivery, notifying the customer via various means (even texting) when the status changes
  • inventory/parts tracking
  • drag & drop of images into a trailer record, instead of uploading each image individually
  • allow more than 2 images per trailer and rotate them in the catalog
  • desktop and/or mobile notifications of a new RFQ that needs to be processed
  • facebook integration
  • system that will allow a customer to pick from various options. an email will then be sent to the office to be handled like any other revenue source. the email will contain customer contact information (phone number, email, etc)

Technical Details

All of these software components are open source

  • PHP 5.4.x (popular web application programming language)
  • CSS3 (cascading style sheets, version 3)
  • HTML5 (markup language, version 5)
  • Postgresql 9.2.x (relational database management system)
  • PEAR (PHP Extension Application Repository)
  • Smarty3 (template engine)
  • bbsengine3 (in house web application framework, in development and production use since ~2002, proudly LGPLv3)
  • CentOS 7 (operating system -- linux)
  • Apache 2.4.x (popular web server)
  • Javascript (popular browser programming language)
  • jquery (javascript library)
  • jquery.smoothState (jquery plugin for full page transitions)
  • Separation of Concerns -- there is a smarty template that defines the style and layout of a trailer, a folder, and even a page. if a change is required, only one file needs to be updated, and everywhere that displays i.e. a trailer will be updated instantly. this is unlike the current system on ssitrailers.com where a "search and replace" or a "copy and paste" operation needs to be done every time there is a modification to the layout. this saves time and thus money when a change needs to be made.

What Works

  • register/login/logout customer and site administrator accounts
  • adding items to cart (RFQ)
  • catalog
  • contact page
  • add/edit trailers
  • add/edit folders
  • if logged into an account when an item is added to the cart, it will be available the next time that account is used. if not logged into an account, the cart will expire after 8 hours

What does not yet work

  • pages other than contact and catalog copied from original ssitrailers.com site
  • delete trailer from catalog
  • order history (more than one order per site account)